Pilates Stomach Series

Ready to work your stomach? Introducing The Pilates Stomach series. My favourite stomach exercises to get a strong pelvic and stomach and not at least a flat stomach!

I recommend you to do the exercises every day for a week to really get a hold on the exercises. Then you can do it 3­4 times a week to keep your stomach muscles turned on.

In the video below you can see each exercise and which order you should do them in.
I recommend you to have your leg much higher up in the air (45 degree angle) than l have in the video, if you haven't been doing pilates for a while.

It's better that it's to high, then too low. The reason for this is that you will then make sure you get really deep into your stomach. You want to get as deep as possible. Always pulling your stomach further in and up under your ribcage on every exhale and on inhale make sure you don't drop your stomach out.

Exhale: Pull your stomach from your pubic bone into your back and then up. Try to create a bigger distance between your hipbones and your ribcage. Depth by pulling your stomach in, length by increasing the distance in your upper body.

Inhale: This is the hardest part. Do not let your stomach out again! Keep it pulled "in and up" under your ribcage. That's the trick!

Good luck!

av Helle Luxe

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