Tone your stomach and do cardio at the same time

Want to strengthen and tone your stomach and do your cardio at the same time? Today l share a couple of exercises you can do where ever you are to work your stomach and get your heart working! I often do these exercises when l`m out traveling or if l don`t have a lot of time. 

1. Running 30 to 60 rep

Keep your knees low and run as fast as you can.

2: Elephant 5-10 rep

Make sure that your toes are pointing up, put your weight in your heels.

3: Jump to the sides: 5-10 rep on each side

Make sure that your stomach is pulled in and up.

Do the exercises one after another one time and then take a short break for 30-45 seconds. Then repeat the exercises and take a new short break before you do the exercises one last time! 

av Helle Luxe

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