Ranja Weis

Ranja started practicing yoga 15 years ago after she got heavily sick. She made the decision to cure her disease with alternative medicine and found healing in the plant based methods of traditional shamanism in south america. This path also brought yoga into her life, and she took her first class in Rio de Janeiro, where she began to study with Mestre deRose. Back in Germany she chose to do several hatha and vinyasa yoga teacher trainings and travelled to Mysore, India, to study ashtanga yoga at its roots.

A few years ago she discovered Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra as very effective ways to bring healing by consciously transforming the patterns that are not helpful in our lives and relationships. Ranja is teaching yoga now for more than 10 years, on conferences, in retreats and teacher trainings and on a regular basis in munich, where she's leading three yoga studios with her partner Patrick Broome.