My top tips to keep glowing inside and out

I make sure to get my own practice in early in the day, that way I know that I wont skip it later when I'm tired from a full day of work. If has been a busy day and I have trouble winding down I take long shower or go for a 15min run. During the day I take breaks and inspire myself through music, a quote, a quick meditation, a big glass of water, a lovely cappuccino, an ice-cold shower and some quiet time in-between classes/clients/meetings and admin work. Now that I think about it, I don't aim to keep my energy level high throughout the day, rather keeping it qualitative and balanced.


Here are my best tips to keep your energy level high and keep glowing inside and out:

  • MOVE a little everyday – it will balance your hormones and make you feel more comfortable in your own skin.
  • EAT food that nourishes your body and spirit. Find your balance and don't care so much of what other people eat or say about what you eat. You know if it genuinely makes you feel good (if you need to hide while eating it it's not really making you feel good you get my point).
  • PLAY – have FUN – be childish – life is to short to be taken to seriously! Sing a long, smile to strangers, skip along the street, run like a madwoman to the buss, ride a colorful bike, dance naked (by yourself or with others if that floats your boat), have great sex!
  • BE QUIET – listen to your own monkeys (thoughts) What are they up to, how's your inner self treating you? Be quiet, stop, slow down, don't give them any bananas. Watch the mud settle and the water becomes clear.
  • BE KIND – to yourself and others, it makes it so much easier. At the end of the day, we are much more alike than not.

av Johanna Andersson

Mer om Johanna