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Coconut Banana Mango Smoothie

It may be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own sunshine in your blender! Fuel your body with a sunshine smoothie, nourish from the inside and out with this delicious healthy meal!


Yoga Postpartum: How to integrate your baby into a short daily workout. Ambassador Anna Kalhammer shows you three easy exercises which you can do with your baby. Read more here!

Raw acai and chocolate bliss balls

Bliss balls are a great snack that you can prepare in advance and store in the freezer, making them the ultimate “grab and go” snack when you are craving something sweet or are in the need of an energy boost. Even better, they´re simple to make:

Home stretches

Are you at home having too many things to fix, but your body really needs some yoga? Spice up your creativity and use the space.

Homemade Chai Latte

Lovely recipe for home made Chai Latte. At this time of year it´s both cozy and good to have drink that both warms and helps our immune system. Read more here!

Tone your stomach and do cardio at the same time

Want to strengthen and tone your stomach and do your cardio at the same time? Today ambassador Helle shares a couple of exercises you can do whereever you are to work your stomach and get your heart working! Read more here!

Stop the flu drink

You feel it? This little itch of soreness in the throat, aching in your limbs, minor fever or your nose starting to run. This is your cure – before it worsens. Go down to the grocery and get the following; leeks, lemons, ginger and parsley. Recipe here!

Smile, it’s contagious

For sure smiling is the healthiest contamination we can spread. Try this little exercise and share your smile!

Workout Motivation

Do you lack workout motivation? If you have difficulties finding your way back to the gym, these tips below may help you in the right direction. Read Sassa's best tips here!

Reminders to myself: be grateful

How often do you pause and appreciate what you have in life? I, probably like many women out there, never feel entirely happy or confident about myself. We spend alot of our time and energy comparing ourself to others. Read more..

Granola with banana, coconut and nuts

Super easy granola! Mix the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients, pop it in the oven and bake. Voila! you’ve got a delicious, healthy and crunchy granola full of flavour. Read more here!

Shirshasana – Turn your world upside down

Practice makes perfect! Shirshasana consists of balancing the body on the head. It strengthens your neck muscles, improves your balance and blood circulation, resulting in many other benefits. Here are some tips on how to turn your world upside down!

My top tips to keep glowing inside and out

Ambassador Johanna Andersson shares her best tips to keep your energy level high and keep glowing inside and out. Read more here!

Mind training through yoga

How you think affects how you move. And how well you move affects how well you live. One of the blessings of yoga practice is that it often helps us realize just how much there is to learn about our mind and our conditioned patterns. Read mor here.

Pilates Stomach Series

Ready to work your stomach? Our ambassador Helle Luxe gives you here The Pilates Stomach series. Her favourite stomach exercises to get a strong pelvic and stomach and not at least a flat stomach! Read more and see video here!


”Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”. – Albert Einstein. Balance exercises can help you maintain your balance and confidence at any age.


Vi elsker smoothies. Perfekt til frokost eller som mellommåltid. Denne sunne og kremete sjokoladesmoothien må du bare prøve!

Give yourself permission to desire

When you give yourself permission to want what you want instead of replacing it with a substitution, you make contact with your hearts desire. When you listen to that language, you hear yourself.

When life gives you lemons..

Hvordan gjøre det beste ut av situasjonen? Ambassadør Kristine Rost viser hvordan vi kan bruke motgang til å skape positive situasjoner og utfall.

Mango Yoga Smoothie

Spice up your smoothie with nourishing ingredients to make sure that you give your body a real boost before yoga or training! This smoothie is perfect to eat an hour or two before class and makes you ready to sweat and move your body.

Be a beginner

Ambassadør Johanna lærer oss å komme ut av komfortsonen og utfordre oss selv. Det er da vi blir bedre!

Pilates exercises for the Psoas muscle

The Psoas muscle is deeply embedded in your body is the only muscle that connects the spine and legs to each other. Its importance extends to nerve and energy systems and is crucial for your movement and overall well-being. Learn how to activate it here!