Johanna Andersson

Johanna Andersson is a pioneer of physical and spiritual transformation, and a leader in the global fitness and wellness industries.

One of the most respected mind-body coaches and fitness experts in Scandinavia today, Johanna has over 15 years of experience as a yoga teacher and fitness trainer. In 2007 she founded Global Yoga, a teacher training and yoga school where she together with other teachers aim to share their vision that yoga is for everyone and every BODY! She is also the creator of concepts such as Yoga For Athletes and the MOJO family: Hot MOJO, MOJO Yoga and MOJO Flex. Her strength is that she is constantly striving to learn and understand more about yoga on and of the mat, both through life as a mother of two and as a student of movement.

She thanks her yoga teachers Cyndi Lee, Shiva Rea, Ana Forrest, Maty Ezraty and Chad Hamrin and her great friends and colleagues The Global Yoga Team and MOJO partner Monika Bjørn. Her desire for authenticity is visible in her classes and her students. When she is not teaching classes or clients in Gothenburg she inspire people worldwide through trainings, workshops and retreats.

Her philosophy is:
More Is More  
Train Smarter, Not Harder

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