Charlotte Thingvad

Charlotte Thingvad owner of FreeSpirit Pilates studios since 2011.

I was first introduced to Pilates and Yoga in 2008 dealing with spinal issues. It really helped me and I have maintained a regular practice ever since. With the ambition to grow my knowledge and expertise, I have attended several educations and workshops world wide. Pilates especially caught my attention, Stott and Peak Pilates has been some of my favorite choices of educations. The versatile teachers training and my back ground as a professional dancer have given me a very detailed understanding of the Pilates methods, how the body works and moves, which has helped me finding my personal expression and preference to pass on my believes of what constitutes a healthy body & mind. In 2016, I’m a certified Stott Matwork instructor, Stott pilates Injuries & Speciel population, Peak Pilates PPC 1 instructor, Peak Pilates Reformer Mve instructor, Peak Pilates master, and founder of a lot of new concepts in FreeSpirit, including Barrework and Yoga on the reformer. I have developed my own education and workshop program which offers; Pilates Matwork Teachers Training, Barre Teachers Training and Pilates Reformer Teachers Training.

Through my own experience for nearly 35 years of dancing (Ballet, modern jazz and hip hop) and doing all kinds of training – Pilates is the one that sticks the most to me now and forever I'm sure. It’s suitable for everyone, and one of the very few exercises that you can actually do until old age. It makes me and my faithful clients feel strong and flexible and being able to stand tall gracefully with the correct posture through life.

I strongly believe that keeping a healthy and energetic body, every individual is able to balance both physical and spiritual aspects in their lives. Therefore, I remain devoted to help all of my clients reach their needs and goals: strength, length, and fluidity by integrating the core principles of Pilates.

After nearly 9 years of working with pilates and different bodies, I agree with the Pilates legend Ron Fletcher - Every body is beautiful. Depends on how we treat them, We get what we give.

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